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Bella Hoare has independently developed a distinctive style of painting, using modern cold wax medium with traditional oil paint to enable the construction of complex, multilayered works. Her emotional sensitivity to colour is supported by intense study, demonstrated by the numerous hand painted colour wheels and charts lining the walls of her studio.

She now lives and works within a mile of her childhood home in Wiltshire, embedded in a richly forested landscape. Close bonds with the seasonal cycles sustain and enrich her. Throughout childhood, motherhood, widowhood and into a new chapter of her life the annual renewal of the world around her has taught her that it is always possible to create a better future for yourself. Her optimism shines though her paintings in a celebration of feminine beauty and power.

In Bella’s paintings the beauty of the female face and figure combine with closely observed natural references to forests, leaves and flowers. The successive layers of paint build both a final image and the visible history of that image’s construction.

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