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Exhibition Feedback

For all those that visiting my exhibition “A Different Green” at the OXO Gallery recently - THANK YOU!! It was wonderful to share this group of work and to tell the stories behind the pictures. Also wonderful that so many paintings now have new homes. One person asked me how I could bear to part with work that I had spent so much time and love creating. My reply was that they are rather like children - I am so proud of them and now it is time for them to move out and lead their own lives!!

Rather wonderfully “Cradled” is going to be given the chance to be seen by many more women, sharing that special time of pregnancy. She is heading north to Newcastle, to go into a hospital maternity unit. Hopefully her calm green approach will bring pleasure and reassurance to many new families.

Many of you will have noticed me painting in the gallery and those little pictures are now back in the studio. Of course I want to do more to them - as my working process is all about the application of many paint layers to get a satisfactorily complex surface that echoes the intricacies of nature. However I will let you know when there are finished works - and will offer one of them in a special sale to my subscribers.

Thank you so much for sharing your email with me. My art is linked to my garden too - and if you want to know more about that then do have a look at and register to get the monthly blog on the garden. From the website you can also link into my garden YouTube channel or go straight there using this link The garden will be open for the National Garden Scheme on the 8th September this year. There will be masses of late colour from glorious dahlias, salvias, cosmos and many more. Johnnie G will also be firing up his steam trains so there is something for everybody! All the details can be found on the NGS website at

For now however it is back into the studio to develop a new group of work. I can hardly believe that it is already more than a month since we were packing up at the Oxo Gallery - the time has simply flown by. Among various new ideas I am planning to create a series of portraits of women in horticulture - to celebrate the beauty of working with nature. If you have ideas for someone you think would like to be involved then let me know!

Thank you for you support,


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